Friday, October 1, 2010

Fave Vaca Spots

Happy Friday Blog Peeps!

Today's Fave Friday is about vacation spots, since I will be in one...TOMORROW! I can't wait to step through the baggage claim doors at the LAX airport and see palm trees, feel the ocean breeze and see my dad! California is the best place for Tim and I to have our family reside because it makes for a great vaca spot every year.

My fam is in LA and Tim's is in the OC. In fact, one of his aunt's and uncle's have a beach house in Laguna Beach that we will be enjoying for a few days. Not bad, eh?!

I will take tons of pixs, per usual...but here are a few from last year's trip:

Our view from the beach house (Laguna Beach):

Playing on the beach (Malibu):

The feeling of incomporable peace and relaxation (Laguna):

Other fave vaca spots include: Hawaii and Mexico (the Caribbean side). I am def a warm climate, beach vaca kind of girl.

How about you? Where are your fave vaca spots??


  1. Ditto about Hawaii! I loved our trip there, and I can't wait to go back sometime.

  2. YAY hope you're having SO much fun!! My fav vacation spot has by far been St. Lucia! And in the states, I'd go with the Chi for sure. :)


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