Monday, September 27, 2010

Back from the Dead

At least that's how it feels once you've recovered from the flu.

It came out of nowhere. Seriously. I didn't feel sick up until the very second I "got sick".

*Disclaimer: Please do not continue reading if you are one of those who can't handle any gross detail.

It was a normal Thursday and I was doing site visits with an associate.  The day was great until I started to feel warm around 3pm and asked to use the restroom. There I was, alone, in a random and dirty public restroom.  And all of a sudden, I got sick.  And it was major.

And what is the dealio about getting sick when you're alone. I hate it. It makes me feel so scared and sad.  Probably just me...what about you? (please say yes..haha)

Anyways...the only thing that I wanted to do at that moment was lay down, so in my moment of weakness, there I lay, on the cold, dirty floor of a public restroom in full contentment, because it made me feel so much better.  I know, gross, but sometimes you don't have options.

So, I finally get the "umph" to pick myself up off the floor.  I cleaned myself up, put on my sunglasses, left the restroom and whispered to my associate, "I'm sick, let's go, tell you in the parking lot".  Thankfully, my co-worker was very kind about the whole situation and drove me home, despite seeing me in my dress with water spots all over accompanied by a pale flushed face.

I put on my PJ's, got in bed and stayed put until what seemed like Saturday. Thankfully, this strand of the flu was short lived, but whoa did it zap every ounce of energy out of me.  I cancelled all of my plans for the weekend to be in bed and I wasn't slightly sad about it. My only regret is having to cancel on my Jax date night, but we'll get that rescheduled. ;)

So yeah, it's good to be back.

Heads up ya'll, there's definitely "something" going make sure you wash your hands lots!

P.S. Totally random...I just read that Jonathan, "the weatherman", will be the next Bachelor. I am so disappointed. I wanted Chris to be the lucky man. Of thinking about it, Jonathan might make some really awkward TV which always equals entertainment, so maybe it won't be that bad. Eh...we'll see.

Happy week to everyone!

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  1. Glad you're feeling SO much better now! But, ick that sounds like it sucked!!! I've done that whole laying on the bathroom floor thing in a strange place and um.. HORRIBLE feeling. :( I did it once at a WEDDING in California when I got heat stroke. Yes really. I blacked out and had to lay on the bathroom floor to get cool. Awesomely embarassing. *le sigh* haha.. Anyhoo...yay for being well before your trip!


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