Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting Back to It

Seriously…why do I have a blog if I’m not writing?! Naughty, naughty! (I’m slapping my hand as I type).

I keep thinking I need to write about substance...yadda yadda yadda. Maybe sometimes I will and maybe times I won’t. ;) (Feeling sassy)

For now…how about a little weekend recap (following suit from my dear friend and blogtastic mentor…ze lovely Jax)

Saturday was pretty lazy, lay around the house and vegg out kind of day...don’t you love those? Few and far in between, but well deserved, if I say so myself. My fabulous hubs went to Kansas City for his brothers birthday weekend. They are headed to a KC Royals game this afternoon and the NFL opening Chiefs game this evening. Not bad, eh?!

Anyhow…this left me playing single mom for the weekend…and I just gotta say that I have major respect for single parents…MAJOR.

CJ and I did lots of fun things over the weekend, which included:

Letting him eat dinner in my bedroom:

Eating chocolate chip pancakes:

Playing at the mall:

Trying on sunglasses at the mall:

And seeing a cute kids movie:

BUT for some reason I maintained a constant sense of “panic” in my chest the whole time…lots of ”what ifs”. So weird too, because everything went perfectly and I can totally do it on my own…but I guess I’m just not used to it. At.All.

What is my dealio?!

Oh! And…I started watching Gossip Girl (via Netflix) this weekend and super excited to finally board that ship. I love it so far, but have lots of catching up to do before I can enter the GG convos.

Now…fast forward to present time and we’re all back to work. Happy Monday everyone…thanks for enduring a blog about nothing super cool…but a blog none-the-less.



  1. YAY! 3/4 of my blogs are about nothing.. that's teh fabulousness of blogging.. haha! Love CJ's face while eating the pancakes! ha! Hilarious!

  2. Love the sun-glass pic. My hubs had to work out of town for a couple days a few weeks ago. I kept thinking the whole time he was gone- How do single moms/ military wives do it?? It made me appreciate my husband so much more than I already did. So I completely understand. :) I was a late to jump on the GG bandwagon but now I am hooked, even though I am soo not their demographic.


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