Friday, August 27, 2010

Babies all Grow Up

Its weird how it doesn't seem like 5 years has passed, but it does. 5 years ago today, after enduring 30 hours of wicked hard labor and an emergency c-section, our son, Caleb Joseph (CJ) was born. I was exhausted, in pain and on meds, but nothing was more physically scintillating than holding him for the first time. The last 5 years have been full of memories with an amazing child. He is our treasure and we are soooo blessed that he is ours.

Here he is on his birth day at the hospital:

Here he is at his bowling party last weekend:

Here's our happy lil' family:

I'm glad we still have many more years and memories ahead. Babies may all grow up, but he'll never stop being mine/ours.  And that's all that matters to me. ;)

Happy Friday all!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ooops…We Did It Again!

I have a twin sister. She’s my soul mate. I honestly don’t believe people can share a bond closer than ours.

From time to time, we get to experience MAJOR twin moments. Finishing each others sentences, running into each other at the grocery store and thinking the same thing. BUT, the twin moment we get the most kick out of is when we show up somewhere in the SAME outfit and it’s 100% unplanned.

Case(s) in point.

Earlier this year in May, we took a trip to Vegas for our 30th birthday. We showed up to the airport like this:
(Me, Nicole)

And then, this past weekend…we showed up to our ladies night like this:
(Nicole, me)
I’ll admit it. I love it. Its fun being a twin and experiencing crazy moments like these. Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Lots of love to Nicole, my twin.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Fave Friday...Jeans Edition

Today is Jeans Day at my office. Woo hoo! Thanks to our internal United Way campaign, we have one day out of the entire year that we can wear jeans. In fact, you have to buy a pass for $5 or pledge at a certain level in order to even do so.

Today is actually the first time in 4 years that I’ve worn jeans to work. Whoa.

It was kinda funny overhearing and participating in conversations this morning about what jeans everyone is wearing. Seems so odd that it is such a big deal, but let me tell you…around here…it is.

Fittingly, today’s Fave Friday will paying tribute to mine and your favorite jeans.

My favorite jeans are True Religion. I’ve owned about 6 pairs and every one of them fit me well. It’s almost like their tailors are fitting them to my exact body type. Well, at least I like to think so.

Here I am in my one of my fave pairs of True Religions at work today:

I heart cute pockets:

Other faves include Citizens and Hudson’s. I love designer jeans, for their incomparable fit, however I’m not a fan of their insane price tags. Nordstrom Rack and Los Angeles upscale resale shops are my secret weapons to getting designer jeans at a fraction of the cost…it’s the only way I’ve ever done it and the only way I will.

What are some of your faves??

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fave Friday..the 13th!

Uh oh! It's Friday the 13th!

What does that mean? I dunno...I guess something creepy or unexpected is supposed to happen?

Thank God I don't get into superstition or would I be a wreck.

However for today's Fave honor of the fear of this day...let's share our favorite scary movie.

I can still remember seeing the scariest movie I've seen in the theater. We were with my husband and his aunts, uncles and cousins. We all picked which movie we wanted to see and went in our separate directions. Most of us went to see this movie though and I was I scared out of my mind. Horror flicks don't really bother me...although I honestly don't watch them anymore. BUT, a really good thriller movie will cause me to search the house for months afterwards checking know. Ha! I confess I might have even asked Tim to accompany me to the bathroom...just sayin'.

Anyhow...without further's my favorite scary movie:

What's yours?

(BTW--have a fabulous Friday and weekend!)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Thankful for Our Justin and Mary

It's Monday...and I'm drinking my beloved caramel macchiato. As sad as it sounds, it can sometimes be the reason I force myself to get out of bed on Monday mornings. Just being honest. :) Today is a new day, a new opportunity to love and experience the blessings and treasures in my life. I have learned that if I don't recognize that everyday, I take them for granted and miss them completely. How sad, right?!

This weekend we had the absolute honor and privilege of having our dear friends; Mary and Justin visit us from Colorado. Tim and Justin have been the best of friends since high school and although we don’t get to see them often, it is certainly the kind of relationship that picks up right were it ended. Don’t you just love those?! They are an incredible couple who have faced so many obstacles in their life, but handled them with such beauty and grace. Mary was diagnosed with breast cancer as a young 30 year old woman, with 2 very young children at home. Over the next 2 years of her life, her whole world would be rocked and she would be faced with unspeakable fears…am I going to die? Will I be able to raise my kids? And so much more. Her battle with cancer and road to recovery was intense, body consuming and life altering, yet she remained strong and clung to God as her source. She is now a cancer free survivor who lives and breathes relationships. Her kids and family is the MOST IMPORTANT thing to her. She is patient, kind, generous, wise and knows how to properly align her priorities. This is much to be admired. Even more admirable is her incredible strength and confidence that is the foundation of who she is. I learned so much from just watching her and her husband interact; they are tremendous examples of how truly loving someone looks.

Now for the fun.

We started off the weekend by attending the charity event that Tim and I had been helping with for the past 10 months…The American Cancer Society’s Cattle Baron’s Ball. We raised a ton of money at the event and had an absolute blast too!

Saturday was an entire day of fun. We enjoyed the beautiful afternoon at the pool and then headed to dinner at one of our fave places, Red Rock Canyon Grill.

Then, we headed to a nearby casino to play and enjoy some gaming for a few hours and ended up at a local pizza place to have drinks and play shuffle board.

It was hard to say goodbye to dear friends that we know we won’t see for a while, but at the same time, elated to have had such a wonderful weekend with them.

Today I am thankful for great friends in my life that I also can learn from.  We love you, Justin and Mary!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ode to Netflix and Cable Shows I love thee. If you are one of the many subscribers to Netflix, you are both smart and lucky. Some love it for the instant stream or to watch the newest movie releases, but the reason I love it is to watch cable shows. Instead of paying a monthly premium for cable, I enjoy the "season" after the season...via Netflix.

Have you seen or heard of Entourage? It's kinda a guy's show...but there's something about these guys that I endear. Sure, they can be quite crude, but each character has so many layers, even the ladies gotta love them. Plus, they play in the city I was born and raised in, so it's fun to watch. Two thumbs up!

What about the United States of Tara? This show is sooo craaaazy! Tara is a surburban mother and wife who suffers from multiple personalities. The main actress is incredibly talented and the show keeps you hooked, wanting to know why Tara developed the personalities in the first place.

Or perhaps Big Love? Who doesn't love a show about polygamy?! Haha! But seriously, it's so interesting and entertaining to see a family trying to live normal lives in spite of being polygamists. Whoa. It's intense and a lot to soak in. Be advised.

And lastly...Dexter? Ahhh...Dexter. The serial killer who kills serial killers. Need I say more?!

Does anyone esle love any of these shows??!