Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ode to Netflix and Cable Shows I love thee. If you are one of the many subscribers to Netflix, you are both smart and lucky. Some love it for the instant stream or to watch the newest movie releases, but the reason I love it is to watch cable shows. Instead of paying a monthly premium for cable, I enjoy the "season" after the season...via Netflix.

Have you seen or heard of Entourage? It's kinda a guy's show...but there's something about these guys that I endear. Sure, they can be quite crude, but each character has so many layers, even the ladies gotta love them. Plus, they play in the city I was born and raised in, so it's fun to watch. Two thumbs up!

What about the United States of Tara? This show is sooo craaaazy! Tara is a surburban mother and wife who suffers from multiple personalities. The main actress is incredibly talented and the show keeps you hooked, wanting to know why Tara developed the personalities in the first place.

Or perhaps Big Love? Who doesn't love a show about polygamy?! Haha! But seriously, it's so interesting and entertaining to see a family trying to live normal lives in spite of being polygamists. Whoa. It's intense and a lot to soak in. Be advised.

And lastly...Dexter? Ahhh...Dexter. The serial killer who kills serial killers. Need I say more?!

Does anyone esle love any of these shows??!


  1. I watch all but United States of Tara. My husband got hooked on Dexter via Netflix. We didn't have showtime, but his parents did and we watched the entire 4th season on day at his parents' house. Not the proudest moment of our lives. All great shows though!

  2. I'm in love Entourage! My boyfriend made me watch the first season and I became hooked. In the past year we've bought and watched all the six seasons. I was pretty sad when we finished the last episode and realized that I will have to wait months until the current season comes on dvd. I've heard great things about Dexter but have yet to get around to watching it.


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