Friday, July 30, 2010

Fave Friday

Happy Friday! Yes, everyone at my work uses this phrase everyweek too. :) Since Friday is one of most people's favorite days of the week, I've deemed Friday's on my blog as "Fave Friday". Friday's will be all about our favorites... movies, bands, celebrities, colors, designers, memories, retail shops, ice cream flavors, websites, blogs, vacation spots, etc...

Today's "Fave Friday" is all about your favorite motivational song. This can be the song that gets you going in the morning. Or maybe it's the song that helps you press through the dreaded 3 'o clock know the one when you start to nod off at work. Or perhaps it's the song that makes you push through a grueling workout.

My favorite motivational song comes from my favorite musical (although I am a fan of ALL of them) is Wicked. My husband has in fact made the comment and I quote, "I feel like you love Wicked more than me". Haha. I don't have memorabilia or anything, in fact I've only seen the production once, but I do own the soundtrack and man can it make me laugh, cry and smile! I could talk about the story for hours. Seriously. Anyhow, here's my fave motivational song (Defying Gravity):

What's YOUR fave motivational song?

I hope you have a fabulous Friday and weekend; enjoy all of the blessings you have!

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  1. I just did a similar post about which songs make me wait to randomly start dancing haha. My favorite motivational song is "Suddenly I See" by KT Tunstall. I always get a little boost from it.

    I love your Friday theme! Have a great weekend!


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