Monday, July 26, 2010

Can Losing a Dream Can Become a Blessing?

There's no use in denying it. I admit it. I tend to live in the clouds. I know, it's not reality and I will only set myself up for disappointment, but it's my nature and where I default.  *shrugs*

Seems fittingly that my twin sister, whom I shared almost every moment of the first 21 years of my life and my husband, whom has taken over that role for the last 9 years are both realists and tend to bring me back to reality. I admire their tendencies to not be so effected by life, yet somehow cannot seem to replicate it in my life. Do opposites seems to attract in your life too?!

I have had so many dreams in my life. Graduating college, getting married, having a family, establishing a career for myself, owning a home and the list goes on and on. Many of my dreams have been realized and I really appreciate the importance of having dreams. However, as in most of life's situations there is usually another side to the coin.  

Have you ever had your heart set on something that you knew could not, would not or should not happen? Getting in this place is dangerous and can be somewhat paralyzing for me. Getting stuck in this place is when I can tend to lose sight of contentment. Sometimes being focused on something else means not appreciating or realizing all of the blessings that you already have. 

When I realize that my focus is set on what I don't have instead of appreciating what I do have, I experience discontentment. Once I re-focus my attention on my reality, I start to notice the amount of blessings in my life. 

I am in support of every dreamer including myself, but I also believe that sometimes losing your dream can become a blessing. It just may allow you to realize all that you already have to appreciate in life.


  1. I definitely have to check myself sometimes and say "hey, you're so lucky, Jax...slow down and realize what's around you." I could daydream and daydream, but it's so dangerous b/c sometimes I set myself up for disappointment when something doesn't live up to my (extremely unrealistic) daydream.. haha.. :)

  2. Yes,yes,ladies...and I love this quality about the two of you. I call you dreamers! And not that I don't dream, I just see the world and life a little different...I can be too relaistic at times. This sets me up for neither big successes or major dissappointments. So its a strength and weakness, but at least we are all a little bit different and in each others lives to help balance each other out! I love your passion and excitement for life and in all things...both of you have experienced great successes in your life! Contentment is definitely something to strive is a peaceful, restful, and happy place to be in. Always remembering what truly matters in life and that none of us are promised with love and grace toward all. always forgive and No Regrets!!! :)


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