Friday, August 27, 2010

Babies all Grow Up

Its weird how it doesn't seem like 5 years has passed, but it does. 5 years ago today, after enduring 30 hours of wicked hard labor and an emergency c-section, our son, Caleb Joseph (CJ) was born. I was exhausted, in pain and on meds, but nothing was more physically scintillating than holding him for the first time. The last 5 years have been full of memories with an amazing child. He is our treasure and we are soooo blessed that he is ours.

Here he is on his birth day at the hospital:

Here he is at his bowling party last weekend:

Here's our happy lil' family:

I'm glad we still have many more years and memories ahead. Babies may all grow up, but he'll never stop being mine/ours.  And that's all that matters to me. ;)

Happy Friday all!


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