Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today is a Special Day

Tim and I met in college. He was “the cute guy” on campus, but he had a girlfriend so we actually were just good friend for my first semester. Once he became single…we started to get closer. With the foundation of a great friendship, we dated for 3.5 years and got married NINE years ago today on September 1st, 2001.

Today is a special day.

Yes, I got married as a baby. Haha! But seriously, I was sooo young. Yet, somehow by the grace of God, I married a truly incredible man and am one of those very lucky girls that has an amazing husband.

Over the past 9 years I have changed so drastically as a woman. I’ve learned who I am and what love and marriage really are. I’ve learned that love and marriage isn’t about feelings, but rather about a choice you make every day to love, serve and be faithful to your spouse. I’ve learned that life can and will throw you a lot of obstacles and if you can work together and cling to one another, you will be better for it. I’ve learned that focusing on your partner’s strengths is far more rewarding to your relationship than their weaknesses. I’ve learned that actively fighting to fade out other distractions in life is a powerful key to making things last.  I am so thankful for the past nine years and I pray and hope for at least 100 more to come!

Here is our invitation (a friend and I made these):
Me before the ceremony:
Lighting our unity candle during the ceremony:
Kissing during our church exit:
Post ceremony in the park photos:

I am so thankful to say that I love him today more than ever before.


  1. First, you haven't aged a day! Second, what a wonderful dedication to your husband. I understand every single thing you just said and, in a world where divorce is so common, it warmed my cold, lawyer heart when I know/hear of someone just as happy in their relationship as I am and I think everyone should be. Happy Anniversary :)

  2. Thank you Suzanne; you are very sweet and I really appreciate your kind comments!


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