Friday, August 13, 2010

Fave Friday..the 13th!

Uh oh! It's Friday the 13th!

What does that mean? I dunno...I guess something creepy or unexpected is supposed to happen?

Thank God I don't get into superstition or would I be a wreck.

However for today's Fave honor of the fear of this day...let's share our favorite scary movie.

I can still remember seeing the scariest movie I've seen in the theater. We were with my husband and his aunts, uncles and cousins. We all picked which movie we wanted to see and went in our separate directions. Most of us went to see this movie though and I was I scared out of my mind. Horror flicks don't really bother me...although I honestly don't watch them anymore. BUT, a really good thriller movie will cause me to search the house for months afterwards checking know. Ha! I confess I might have even asked Tim to accompany me to the bathroom...just sayin'.

Anyhow...without further's my favorite scary movie:

What's yours?

(BTW--have a fabulous Friday and weekend!)


  1. I usually avoid all the scary movies because I jump out of my seat constantly - it's pretty ridiculous haha. But one movie that I loved was Mr. Brooks. Probably more creepy than scary - but really good!

  2. I just realized I never commented on this! Sheesh! First, I LOVE What Lies Beneath! I have a total love for Michelle Pfeiffer. When I was a kid, people told me I looked like her. I dont so much anymore (if I ever even did..haha), but I became intrigued with her then...and still adore her and all her movies!

    My favorite scary movie.. Hm.. I dont like scary movies. I remember liking The Watcher in the Woods-SCARY and Disney movie! Sheesh! I like Rear Window (oldie, but goodie) and other movies like What Lies Beneath that are actually thriller/scary, but not bloody.


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